Current Work

I am a member of the Elliott Working Memory Lab (Dr. Emily Elliott). My first-year project focuses on the mechanisms of auditory distractions with emphasis on attention capture.

Past Work at Seton Hall University

For my master’s thesis, I studied the revelation effect in aging and autobiographical memory under a past and future thinking paradigm at the SHU Memory Lab (Dr. Marianne Lloyd). I used Qualtrics to collect older adult data and E-Prime for the experiment. I also lead the lab group responsible for “Attributions in Human Memory,” a side study on priming and fluency.

Beyond that lab, I first authored a manuscript through the SHU Culture, Identity, and Environment Lab (Dr. Fanli Jia) while assisting in the SHU Cognition, Perception, and Embodied Thinking Lab (Dr. Kelly Goedert). I also did sensory research as an intern for U.S. Army Research Laboratory (Dr. Kelly Dickerson).

Past Work at University of South Florida

For my undergraduate thesis, I investigated the effects of cancer on cognitive aging using MOCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) scores at the USF Cogstate Lab (Dr. Ross Andel). I used Datapoint and Cogstate to process participant cognitive performance. I also contributed to five other projects in that lab.